My 3rd September 2014 analysis was satisfactorily accurate in terms of predicting an imminent market correction and it turned out to be relatively substantial.

Today the market is hinting at another immanent correction. On Dec 18th 2014, see images below, on my Broad Market Index(MICT) I received a buying climax foretelling the end of a rising market & a subsequent move into what I now believe is "Distribution" in the Wyckoff method sense of analysis, and not "Accumulation" culminating in broad market sideways moving range bound action.

For both the DIA and SPY, see images below, I am seeing both Dominant & Secondary Trend indicators rolling over, with the Secondary trend indicators post new 11month lows & 4month lows respectively.

I will be watching with interest for more solid indications of a commencement of a Wyckoff 'marking down' of the market with supply overcoming demand.




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