Chris Turner (MCSA, CCNA, Electrical Eng Cert, RAAF Rad Tech Cert)

A Freelance Interdisciplinary Technologist.           


I am an Australian citizen who has Singapore PR and am based in Singapore. I offer affordable freelance contracting/consultancy/full-time placement for mixed high-tech environments related to software development, IT and industrial automation.


I present with interdisciplinary skills, qualifications and experience in Cisco network routing and switching, software development, industrial automation, robotics and web development, yes this website included.


If you or your company:


  • In times of sporadic accelerated growth require additional temporary staff? Staff who present with a broad skill set that would enable them to rapidly adapt so as to start contributing as soon as possible.


  • Need an additional assistant for the implementation and commissioning of small, medium or large scale IT and manufacturing automation technology projects, therefore alleviating the work load of your already stressed staff?


  • Do you require an affordable consultant to help realize IT automation solutions or perhaps develop a software application that streamlines back office business procedures?


  • Have some intractable issue relating to IT or industrial automation that requires analyzing & resolving as soon as possible?


  • And you need someone who is prepared to work quid pro quo or even pro bono?


If you answered "YES" to any of the above then I am interested to hear from you.


And "YES" I have been know to work for free in some cases.


My multifarious skills are borne of twenty plus years of experience in customer services management/project management/field service engineering/consultancy, having worked with companies such as:


  1. Lectra France/Singapore/Australia/New Zealand
  2. Boeing Australia(Hawker de Havilland Aerospace Pty Ltd)
  3. Toyota Japan/Australia
  4. Hyundai Korea
  5. Mitsubishi Australia
  6. Nike Thailand
  7. Adidas Australia
  8. Walker Datavision NZ
  9. Lane Walker Rudkin in NZ
  10. Billabong Australia
  11. Moran Furniture Australia
  12. The Berlei Group Australia/China
  13. Levis Australia
  14. MA Design & Construction Australia
  15. Australian Television Network 7(ATN7)
  16. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited India
  17. Speedo Australia.
  18. APM Automotive Malaysia
  19. PCCS Group Malaysia
  20. Reebok

I possess an exceptional track record in computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM/PLC/HMI) with international exposure, IT experience and certifications (CCNA, MCSA, MCTS, MCP, Web Development, Linux and Virtualization), application development and deployment for Windows GUI please see my software content here.


Website development, including this website, which implements PHP, MySQL, Apache together with frame works Twitter Bootstrap & CodeIgniter with Grocery CRUD CMS.


My interdisciplinary skills would enable me to meet a companies staffing short fall in either IT and or Industrial Automation.


No job is too small.


So if I've piqued your interest please feel free to contact me. I try to be flexible with how I charge for my time, and may even work "free of charge" if your project really grabs my interest or is aligned with the greater good of alleviating scarcity, like me, you understand it is not just about the money.