***PRODUCT NO LONGER SUPPORTED: As Yahoo Finance has withdrawn their API and Google Finance has modified their URL and I am unable to find a viable alternate solution for free intraday data at this time I have no choice but to discontinue supporting this application. I appreciate any support given previously for this product.

"A project born of my former life developing financial trading systems. You can automatically maintain a database of 30 intraday US stocks after the close of trade using freely available web data. This is my lite version"

Vgain Solutions Intraday Database Updater (Lite Version 1.0.15)

  • Release date for Version 1.0.15 - 2016/02/20
  • Free version.
  • For Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 (both 32bit & 64bit systems)
  • Will maintain one database of up to 30 intraday stock.
  • Makes use of free intraday data sources from the web(Yahoo and Google).
  • "Set and forget" - Can be scheduled to automatically download intraday data and update the database after the close of trading off the US market.The application automatically checks if the US stock market is closed prior to the download.
  • IMPORTANT: To use the scheduling feature i.e. wake your PC from sleep or hibernate, ENABLE - "Allow Wake Timers" for your power plan - View tutorial
  • Can be launched from the command line e.g. "C:\YourPath\VgainIntradayDatabaseUpdaterLite.exe /Update". When started from the command line it will automatically commence updating the DB after the close of trading off the US market.
  • Database comprises of either '.txt' or '.csv' files.
  • Database can be either 1minute or 5minute intraday data.
  • Different symbol file formats are supported.
  • Automatically create and maintain a specified number of backups of the database.
  • Automatically performs stock splits or alternatively stock splits may be done manually.
  • When updating the database is complete you can receive a email notification.
  • Yahoo 5minute data backfill maximum days is 15
  • Google 5minute data backfill maximum days is 50
  • Google 1minute data backfill maximum days is 14
  • Tools are available to help check symbol data integrity, selectively delete data by symbol and date in bulk, create a symbol list text file from an existing database and easily review and remove stocks that may have stopped trading.
  • If your computer is "on" at the time of the scheduled automatic update, it will remain on after completion of the automatic update, conversely if "sleeping/hibernated" it will enter "sleep" on completion of the automatic update.


If you require greater flexibility(e.g.. more than one database & more than 30 symbols) & want to support development, then for about the price of a cup of coffee for you and me, you can make an appreciation purchase of my 'Pro' version by clicking the 'Support' button of this application after downloading and installing the MSI file.(see image below).

Purchases are made securely via PayPal's online payments system.

Note: If you like this project and need even greater flexibilty, i.e. to maintain databases of stocks of other international exchanges or have a feature request, please contact me on my website.


Download VgainIntradayDatabaseLite Version 1.0.15


Download VgainIntradayDatabaseLite Version 1.0.15