Smart Cockroach Trap


Arduino microcontroller prototyping of an automated cockroach trap with the following features:

  1. Uses LDR and LED combination to detect presence of cockroach
  2. Uses a servo motor to rotate foam inserts so as to push the cockroach into the trap.
  3. Allows 20seconds for the cockroach to find it's way into the bottom container, incentivized with bait.
  4. Servo motor returns the foam inserts to the entrapment position ready to trap another cockroach.
  5. My partner didn't want to open the cupboard where the smart cockroach trap was positioned, just to know if we had trapped a cockroach, so I created a simple remote monitoring using 433Mhz TX/Rx radios and a second arduino with a 4 digit 7 segment LED display that displays the count of the number of cockroaches trapped.
  6. Also implimented creating a log.txt file that logged the Date/time and count using a SDcard writer attached to the remote monitoring Arduino, i.e. study cockroach behavior.