Chris Turner: Freelance Interdisciplinary Technologist.

"Living more with less and alleviating scarcity by leveraging technology"

Chris Turner, Vgain Solutions

Welcome to my website, in addition to my freelance services, I make available software that I have developed out of personal necessity, borne mostly out of witnessing frustration from friends and family.....

Feel free to browse the content for a software that you may also find useful in your day to day dealings with your Windows PC.

My favorite application that has saved me, my family, my friends and clients on many occasions is my automated backup strategy application. Based on and built around Windows backup I hope it is able to set itself apart from other solutions available in the market in terms of automating and implementing a comprehensive backup plan with some terrific features that simplify life, oh, did I mention price, yes the lite version is free and should satisfy most peoples needs. Please view the content page for more specific information.